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Our steel

Whether your requirement is for corrugated or flat sheet, for spacers or resin moulds, Sitomeca can supply these templates in a wide range of first-class European hot-rolled or galvanized steel in 2 to 4 mm tickness. The laser-welded spacers are manufactured in stainless steel.

Galvanized steel

The galvanized and hot-rolled steel grades that are used for the production of steel templates behave remarkably well in the production of asbestos-cement when the conditions and recommendations of usage determined by the production process are respected.
Galvanized steel grade S350GD+Z450MAC has a zinc coating Z.450 (450 gr on both sides/faces (+/- 30 microns on each side)

Hot-rolled steel

Hot-rolled steel products do not have a consistent bluish colour.  Especially with hot-rolled sheets, the surface colour can change considerably from more blue at the edges to more grey in the centre of the sheet.   Please note that a grey colour in the centre of the steel sheet does not mean that there is no scale.

Sitomeca nv doesn’t give any guarantee on the surface-quality of hot-rolled steel templates with mill scale, i.e. neither on the adhesion nor on the thickness or compactness of the mill scale nor on any corrosion.   However, we are very demanding towards our suppliers who supply us the raw material with the best possible surface.

Mechanical properties Min. Yield Strength ReHN/mm² Min.-Max Tensile Strength RmN/mm² Min. Elongation after fracture A N/mm²
Hot-rolled steel grade S355MC 355 430-550 19%
Hot-rolled steel grade S420MC 420 480-620 16%
Galvanized steel grade S350GD+Z450MAC 350 420-560 16%
Stainless steel 304/2H 500 690-860 15%
Chemical properties C max P max S max SI max MN max AL max CR NI
Hot-rolled steel grade S355MC 0.20 0.040 0.040 0.55 1.60 0.040
Hot-rolled steel grade S420MC 0.20 0.040 0.012 0.03 1.50 0.015
Galvanized steel grade S350GD+Z450MAC 0.25 0.040 0.040 0.04 1.50 0.075
Stainless steel 304/2H 17-20 8.5-10