Resin Moulds

Resin moulds enable Sitomeca's customers to texture their fibre cement boards with wood, slate, stone or any imaginable pattern.  Resin moulds can be used in combination with a stack press or applied on a forming roll as a textured skin.


The development of embossed composite resin moulds allows the faithful reproduction of slate, stone, brick , wood, ....and many others

Next to the classic patterns, attractive new patterns can be developed on demand !


The tolerances are checked at each phase of the production to ensure an impeccable quality and an unmatched precision.
Additionally, a report of random quality controls is recorded for the customer. The results of the controls are compiled into a data sheet, indicating all measurements are within the agreed tolerances. A copy of the data sheet is submitted to Sitomeca’s customer upon shipment.



Length Max 5000 mm +3.0 / -3.0 mm
Width Max 1.650 mm +2.0 / -3.0 mm
Thickness between 4.5 - 5.5 mm depends on the imitation


Sitomeca is committed to its customers and wants to offer the best quality service


On demand, Sitomeca is able to reproduce a virtually endless amount of textures.  It proposes to develop custom-made textures under exclusivity agreements.  Sitomeca invites you to challenge this opportunity by sending us your requirements.


Next to flat resin moulds used in combination with a stack press, Sitomeca has ventured in the production of textured skins to be attached to the forming roll.


Sitomeca is always ready to leverage on its in-depth sector expertise in order to help its customers with any requests they may have.